Delta Leatherworks

Delta Leatherworks

is small family business established in 2014

It is raised from passion to create and improve, supported by belief that imagination is the only limit and every problem has a solution.

We use old ways when it comes to work with leather

We hand-pick material to be sure it is high quality and has right features for items it will be turn into. Dyeing is another step we do ourself, so we can offer very wide palette of colors, form natural leather shades to bright colors.
But what gives our creations right to be officially called Hand Made is that we plan, we measure, we cut and we sew with our own hands. All that makes us proud of every item we craft.

Let us bring your ideas to life!

Canon Products

We try to make best replicas of items you can see in movies, improving them with every new reference and information from our clients.
Keeping in mind that functionality is also a key to good product we create all pouches and holsters to have actual purpose that underline their appearance.

Custom Works

Sometimes it is just a color scheme on classic pouch and sometimes it is whole belt made to fit individual needs.

Either way it is what we do. See some of our customization and remember you can always have your own custom commission.

Fett's Locker

Loking for Jango Fett parts? Or maybe Boba pre production belt? How about “Super Trooper” one?

Either way we have it, if we don’t we will gladly make another Fett piece.

Some of our products

Contact us

Delta Leatherworks
Plac Świętego Macieja 7/9
50-244 Wrocław

VAT ID: PL8981434422
REGON: 361735696

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